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Echo Android Update

Since the launch of Echo, we’ve been overwhelmed with your excitement for the product. We’ve been working hard to improve the product with your feature requests and improvements. We recently released a device software update with new watchfaces, stopwatch, and UI improvements.

ImageThe number one question we get right now is,”When will Echo work with Android?” The answer is soon. We are now targeting a July release. Believe me, we want it as bad as you. We’re eager to spread Echo joy throughout the Android community.

On a positive note, we’re adding more smartphones to the list. When we launch, Echo will work with the following. Other Android smartphones that meet the minimum requirement may also work, but the following will be tested and official supported:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Motorola Moto E
  • Motorola Moto G
  • Motorola Moto X
  • HTC One (2013)
  • HTC One (M8)
  • LG G2
  • LG Nexus 5

The above phones must meet the minimum requirement of:

  • Android 4.3 or later operating system
  • Bluetooth 4.0 or later

Thanks for your patience. We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the release.



Magellan Echo Utility iOS App Version 1.10.12 Released


The Magellan Echo Utility iOS App Version 1.10.12 has been released.


The Magellan Echo Utility for iOS has been updated to support a soon to be released Echo Device Software Version that adds back in the original digital watch face. Simply update your Magellan Echo Utility for iOS through the AppStore.

Change Log

  • improvement Renamed Clock option “Digital” to “Modern”.
  • improvement Added additional Clock option “Traditional” for soon to be released Echo Device Software Version


Updating your Magellan Echo Utility iOS App to Version 1.1.12 will not install the Echo Device Software Version that adds back in the digital watch face, it just contains changes that are necessary to support that Echo Device Software Version.


Magellan Active and Smashrun for Detailed Run Analysis

The Magellan Active website is built upon a powerful API that interacts with your activity data. As part of our pledge to empower developers to extend the functionality of the Magellan Active website and API, we allow key partners to add activities to Magellan Active from within their applications and also allow any developer you’ve granted authorization to retrieve all of your activity data. We’d like to highlight the latest partner to take your Magellan Active activity data and literally “run with it”. Meet Smashrun.

smashrun_logo smashrun_magellan_sync_notification

About SmashRun

Smashrun is a data visualization platform that helps runners analyze their training progress. Importing Magellan data is as easy as linking a Magellan Active account. Once imported, runners can view a visual dashboard of their training history and be able to track their training consistency, volume, and effort distribution. Runners will also have access to daily ranks and badges for running achievements.

Connecting Magellan Active with Smashrun

  1. Once logged in to Smashrun, go to Settings > Sync > Magellan Active.
  2. Specify Email & Password for your Magellan user account.
  3. Select Connect.
  4. Smashrun will query for new runs.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.42.47 PM

In-Depth Analysis




Learn More

You can follow all Smashrun related announcements and feature updates via @smashrunHQ on Twitter, their Facebook page, or


Magellan Active Website Version 1.18 Released


Magellan Active Website Version 1.18 has been released.


We cleaned up some bugs, updated translations, and welcomed SmashRun as the latest product to integrate with the Magellan Active API.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.10.44 PM

Change Log

  • improvement Updated translations for all supported languages.
  • improvement Added SmashRun to Apps using API Feature page.
  • bug Resolved issue with disconnecting from Facebook & Twitter
  • bug Corrected inconsistencies with word capitalization on Start pages.
  • bug Fixed issue with favicon not showing on mobile version of website.
  • bug Made various other bug fixes.

How to Change the Echo Watch Face

Users can change watch faces on their Magellan Echo with the Echo Utility App. Instructions below.


Compatible Smartphones

  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch (G5), iPad Mini, iPad (G3 and G4)


Note: Be sure to enable Bluetooth on your device. 

  • On the Compatible Smartphone, after the installation of the Magellan Echo Utility App, tap on Echo Utility.
  • On the Compatible Smartphone, where the 3 watches are tap Connect. The orange rectangle below shows the location of the tap.


  • On Echo device, switch to pairing mode by either holding any button and pressing the top left button once the menu appears. (Older versions will need to hold the top left button and will not need to press another button)
  • On Echo device, the device will immediately go into Pair Feature.
  • Wait a few moments and the Compatible Smartphone and the Echo device prompt the pair message on Echo device. Press the right bottom button to accept the pairing if this is the first time paring. (If you are using Echo Firmware that is not the same as the latest public version, a software update popup will appear, with the Compatible Smartphone. Tap Cancel to preserve your current version.)
  • On the Compatible Smartphonetap Display Settings. The orange rectangle below shows the location of the tap.
  • On the Compatible Smartphone, Tap one of the available options under Clock. A green check will indicate which watch face Echo is currently using.


  • Echo will automatically save changes. You may choose to exit by holding any button. (For older versions, hold the top left button).

Current Options (version

Digital Analog
 WatchScreenDigitalMockup-New WatchScreenAnalogMockup-New


Magellan Echo Stopwatch Feature Tutorial

The Magellan Echo Stopwatch Feature supports the following in an easy to use interface Read below to learn more.

  • actions: start, pause, resume, lap split, reset
  • data: timer time, current lap/split #, and current lap/split time

NOTE: Echo stopwatch does not store lap/split history or keep a log of timer usage history for review.

How do I Access the Stopwatch Feature?

To access Echo Stopwatch Feature, press and hold any button for 1 second. The watch feature will transition into a menu screen. 0MenuScreen Press the top right button to transition into the Stopwatch Feature.

How do I Start, Pause, and Reset the Stopwatch?

To start an activity, press the bottom right or the bottom left button. The activity timer will start. 0Stopwatch Feature To pause an activity, press the bottom right button while the activity timer is counting up. Press the bottom right button again to resume the activity timer. image To reset an activity, first pause the activity timer by pressing the bottom right button. Then press the bottom left button when the stopwatch is paused to reset the activity.

How do I trigger a new lap/split?

While the activity timer is counting, press the bottom left button to trigger a new lap/split. image

What do the numbers on the Stopwatch represent?

0Stopwatch Feature From left to right, top to bottom.

  • The smaller number on the top left is the lap/split counter. It will also show the previous lap/split number for the first 5 seconds after triggering a new lap/split.
  • The medium sized number on the top right will show the current lap/split time. It will also show the previous lap/split time for the first 5 seconds after triggering a new lap/split.
  • The number in the center is the total timer time (elapsed time minus paused time).

Magellan Echo Utility iOS App Version 1.1.10 Released


The Magellan Echo Utility iOS App Version 1.1.10 has been released.


The Magellan Echo Utility for iOS has been updated to support a soon to be released Echo Device Software Version that includes a user interface overhaul. Simply update your Magellan Echo Utility for iOS through the AppStore.

Change Log

  • improvement Updated Echo Device Software string translations for soon to be released Echo Device Software Version


Updating your Magellan Echo Utility iOS App to Version 1.1.10 will not install the Echo Device Software Version that includes a user interface overhaul, it just contains changes that are necessary to support that Echo Device Software Version.


Magellan Echo Device Software Version Released


Magellan Echo Device Software Version has been released.


The Magellan Echo has been updated to include a Stopwatch, Menu Screen, and completely overhauled user interface. Press and hold any button from the Watch Screen to access the Menu Screen, and subsequently press and hold any button to exit back to the Watch Screen. From the Menu, you can choose to Search for a compatible app on a compatible smartphone (top-left button), or enter the Stopwatch (top-right button).

Magellan Echo's Stopwatch Feature. It's simple interface could be used by just about anybody!

Magellan Echo’s Stopwatch Feature. It’s simple interface is very easy to use!


To install the the latest Echo firmware, perform the following steps:

  • Download the free Magellan Echo Utility from the Apple AppStore on your compatible iOS device.
  • Launch the Echo Utility application.
  • In the Echo Utility, Tap Connect next to the Echo product image.
  • On the Echo device, hold the any button for 1 second to enable Search mode.
  • On the Echo device, a screen will appear asking to confirm connection with the Echo Utility. Confirm the connection by pressing the bottom right button. The Echo device will automatically re-connect with the most recently connected application, so this screen may not appear every time.
  • On the Echo device, wait for the sync to complete. Syncing may not be necessary for subsequent connections.
  • In the Echo Utility, a popup will appear with the latest version and release notes asking the user to update. Tap OK.
  • The update will begin and will take approximately 10 minutes. After the update has completed, an Update Successful screen will appear and the user can confirm this screen by pressing any button. The device will restart using the updated firmware.

Note: If your Echo is up to date, no update prompt will appear. 

Change Log

  • newfeature Added a Stopwatch Feature.
  • newfeature Added a menu screen. Hold any button for 1 second for it to appear.
  • improvement Changed the transition from Watch Feature to Search Mode to include an intermediate step to the menu screen.
  • improvement Changed Digital Watch Mode appearance
  • improvement Changed Analog Watch Mode appearance
  • improvement Changed the user interface.
  •  Removed the Weekly Total wording from the watch mode.

Magellan Switch Series Device Software Update 5 Released


Magellan Switch Series Device Software Update 5 has been released.

To install the update, perform the following steps.

  1. Connect your Switch Series device to your computer’s USB port using the Switch Charging/Data Cradle.
  2. Visit the Magellan Active website and log in.
  3. Click on the Upload button.
  4. If your device is not using the latest software, a banner will display instructing you to update your software.
  5. Perform the steps to download and install the update.

If you have any issues updating your device software using Magellan Active, you can manually download and install the update directly from our support site.


This is the 5th software update for the Magellan Switch Series. This release addresses the System UI performance and the Activity Pace data field.

This update will unfortunately clear your history and settings because we have to re-partition the flash memory to make room for certain features. There’s actually a manual procedure for backing up and restoring your history and settings if you want to go through the effort to retain your data.

Change Log

  •  Improved performance of system UI
  •  Improved Activity Pace tracking.

Magellan Active Website Version 1.17 Released


Magellan Active Website Version 1.17 has been released.


We’ve made improvements to the Getting Started process for our Echo product, including more info on using the Magellan Active Echo Utility and a dedicated Applications supporting Echo page.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 1.10.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 1.08.18 PM

Change Log

  • improvement Update Echo Getting Started page, remove Echo Customize page and add Echo Applications page
  • improvement Add new Apps supporting Echo to Echo Applications page (Golf Pad, AllTrails, iMobileIntervals)
  • improvement Add Echo Tutorial for iMobileIntervals
  • bug Fixed layout issue of Navigation Menu with Mobile version of Echo Getting Started pages
  • task Updated URL for all references to FIT file protocol (Dynastream changed their URL)