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October 7, 2014


Magellan Active Website Version 1.22 Released

by apelosi


Magellan Active Website Version 1.22 has been released.


Magellan Active now supports the OAuth authorization protocol for granting other websites and applications access to your Magellan Active data. This means you will no longer have to supply another website or application with your Magellan username and password in order for them to access your data. The old authorization method still works, but it will no longer be supported at some point in the future, so we will work with websites and applications to move them over to the new authorization method.


Change Log

  • newfeature Added support for websites and applications to use OAuth authorization method to request access to a user’s Magellan Active data
  • improvement Updated Echo Series Apps page with link to Jog Note Android Application
  • improvement Updated Echo Series Apps page with updated description for iSmoothRun
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  1. Oct 7 2014

    Is there an update regarding the Magellan Active app for iPhone/iOS? The Echo Fit is now shipping but no way to get the fitness data from the watch.

  2. Nicolas Quillier
    Dec 14 2014

    Hi, would it be possible to edit the activities ? When you run on a treadmill that leave less distance than really ran and there is no way to update it…


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