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April 24, 2014


How to Change the Echo Watch Face

by yoleic

Users can change watch faces on their Magellan Echo with the Echo Utility App. Instructions below.


Compatible Smartphones

  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch (G5), iPad Mini, iPad (G3 and G4)


Note: Be sure to enable Bluetooth on your device. 

  • On the Compatible Smartphone, after the installation of the Magellan Echo Utility App, tap on Echo Utility.
  • On the Compatible Smartphone, where the 3 watches are tap Connect. The orange rectangle below shows the location of the tap.


  • On Echo device, switch to pairing mode by either holding any button and pressing the top left button once the menu appears. (Older versions will need to hold the top left button and will not need to press another button)
  • On Echo device, the device will immediately go into Pair Feature.
  • Wait a few moments and the Compatible Smartphone and the Echo device prompt the pair message on Echo device. Press the right bottom button to accept the pairing if this is the first time paring. (If you are using Echo Firmware that is not the same as the latest public version, a software update popup will appear, with the Compatible Smartphone. Tap Cancel to preserve your current version.)
  • On the Compatible Smartphonetap Display Settings. The orange rectangle below shows the location of the tap.
  • On the Compatible Smartphone, Tap one of the available options under Clock. A green check will indicate which watch face Echo is currently using.


  • Echo will automatically save changes. You may choose to exit by holding any button. (For older versions, hold the top left button).

Current Options (version

Digital Analog
 WatchScreenDigitalMockup-New WatchScreenAnalogMockup-New

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