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April 23, 2014


Magellan Echo Device Software Version Released

by yoleic


Magellan Echo Device Software Version has been released.


The Magellan Echo has been updated to include a Stopwatch, Menu Screen, and completely overhauled user interface. Press and hold any button from the Watch Screen to access the Menu Screen, and subsequently press and hold any button to exit back to the Watch Screen. From the Menu, you can choose to Search for a compatible app on a compatible smartphone (top-left button), or enter the Stopwatch (top-right button).

Magellan Echo's Stopwatch Feature. It's simple interface could be used by just about anybody!

Magellan Echo’s Stopwatch Feature. It’s simple interface is very easy to use!


To install the the latest Echo firmware, perform the following steps:

  • Download the free Magellan Echo Utility from the Apple AppStore on your compatible iOS device.
  • Launch the Echo Utility application.
  • In the Echo Utility, Tap Connect next to the Echo product image.
  • On the Echo device, hold the any button for 1 second to enable Search mode.
  • On the Echo device, a screen will appear asking to confirm connection with the Echo Utility. Confirm the connection by pressing the bottom right button. The Echo device will automatically re-connect with the most recently connected application, so this screen may not appear every time.
  • On the Echo device, wait for the sync to complete. Syncing may not be necessary for subsequent connections.
  • In the Echo Utility, a popup will appear with the latest version and release notes asking the user to update. Tap OK.
  • The update will begin and will take approximately 10 minutes. After the update has completed, an Update Successful screen will appear and the user can confirm this screen by pressing any button. The device will restart using the updated firmware.

Note: If your Echo is up to date, no update prompt will appear. 

Change Log

  • newfeature Added a Stopwatch Feature.
  • newfeature Added a menu screen. Hold any button for 1 second for it to appear.
  • improvement Changed the transition from Watch Feature to Search Mode to include an intermediate step to the menu screen.
  • improvement Changed Digital Watch Mode appearance
  • improvement Changed Analog Watch Mode appearance
  • improvement Changed the user interface.
  •  Removed the Weekly Total wording from the watch mode.
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  1. Oct 24 2014

    I updated my firmware and it crashed my Echo Fit. Now it only stays powered on if it is connected to my phone, and of course I did it after Magellan’s tech support business hours. Very frustrating.

    • Mike
      Nov 2 2014

      Same here.


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