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March 24, 2014

Magellan Active Website Version 1.16 Released

by apelosi


Magellan Active Website Version 1.16 has been released.


We’ve had 5 small releases now without a blog post, so here’s what’s new in versions 1.12 through 1.16. Biggest change was adding support for change password and forgot password without having to go to

Forgot Password Change Password

Change Log

  • newfeature Added support for forgot password and change password without having to go to
  • newfeature Added iSmoothRun to Apps using API page
  • improvement Made various performance improvements
  • improvement Hid the AddThis bar on Activity page when user changes privacy to private without requiring page refresh
  • bug Fixed value of “Uploaded From” field on Activity Page when uploaded from a 3rd party app
  • bug Corrected issue with back button support when viewing Session or Lap within an Activity
  • bug Fixed issue with Reset Zoom button not showing on maximized view of Activity Page
  • bug Resolved issue with back button support on Features page
  • bug Corrected Strava support link on Echo Getting Started page
  • bug Fixed grammatical errors and icon assignment on Echo Getting Started page
  • bug Resolved multiple UI issues with mobile version of Echo Getting Started pages
  • bug Corrected page not found error response code (was 500, should be 404)

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