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March 24, 2014

Magellan Active API Version 1.13 Released

by apelosi


Magellan Active API Version 1.13 has been released.


We’ve had 6 small releases now without a blog post, so here’s what’s new in versions 1.8 through 1.13. If you are not a developer and you try reading the change log your head may spin 360°, so consider this a warning to move on to your next reading task or enjoy the weather!

Magellan Active Developer

Change Log

  • newfeature Added “uploaded_at” and “uploader” response fields to Activity Object from Activity Get. If the activity was uploaded by a 3rd party app, this will be reflected in the “uploader” field.
  • newfeature Added “min_updated_at” and “max_updated_at” parameters  to Activity Search and “updated_at” response field to the Activity Object from Activity Get. By default, the “updated_at” response field is null by for old activities and “uploaded_at” for new activities. The field is updated when the activity has been deleted or edited.
  • newfeature Added support for GPX files with missing <ele> tags in first and last <trkpt> elements. This was found with a GPX file exported from Endomondo.
  • newfeature In addition to Wahoo Fitness, iSmoothRun was given activity add/edit/delete permissions to users who grant Magellan Active access to their apps. Both apps support “Upload to Magellan Active” in their iOS apps.
  • improvement Made various performance improvements.
  • bug Fixed issue with Activity search options for “units” parameter. Options were “metric” & “imperial”, but should have been “metric” & “statute”.
  • bug Corrected issue with Activity Search “max_results” response field which was documented as intended but implemented as “results_limit”.
  • bug Updated time format for all timestamp parameters and response fields to “<YYYY>-<MM>-<DD>T<HH>:<MM>:<SS>” in order to be consistent.
  • task Updated Activity Search documentation of options for “activity_source” parameter & response fields. It was documented as “gpx” & “fit”, but it was implemented as “.gpx” & “.fit”. We are going to change them to their original intended values of “gpx” & “fit” in an upcoming release and update the values for existing activities.
  • task Updated some inaccuracies in the API documentation for responses in xml format. Other than User Access Token response, all XML responses are wrapped in <xml> elements, not <root> elements.

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