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Magellan Active Website Version 1.9 Released


Magellan Active Website Version 1.9 has been released.


You can now register and login with Facebook. For those of you with an existing account, you can either log in with Facebook and link to your existing Magellan user account or log in with your Magellan user account and connect to Facebook in Settings > Applications. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 11.44.16 AM

Change Log

  • newfeature Support for Register, Login and Connect with Facebook
  • improvement Revamped the Settings for Sharing and Applications (now just Applications)
  • improvement Improved performance of rendering the Activity page
  •  Resolved issues uploading valid FIT files
  •  Resolved issues with Activities page not showing activities
  •  Resolved issues with some of the data shown on the Activity page
  • improvement Added a link to the API Explorer from the Magellan Active Developer page