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November 29, 2012


Magellan Switch Series Device Software Update 1 Released

by apelosi


Magellan Switch Series Device Software Update 1 has been released.

To install the update, perform the following steps.

  1. Connect your Switch Series device to your computer’s USB port using the Switch Charging/Data Cradle.
  2. Visit the Magellan Active website and log in.
  3. Click on the Upload button.
  4. If your device is not using the latest software, a banner will display instructing you to update your software.
  5. Perform the steps to download and install the update.

If you have any issues updating your device software using Magellan Active, you can manually download and install the update directly from our support site.


This is the first device software update for the Magellan Switch Series. It has actually been well tested by our internal and external testers for quite some time, but we’ve been working out kinks with the implementation of our delivery mechanism. Now that we have released our first update, we will be releasing them on a more frequent basis. This update will unfortunately clear your history and settings because we have to re-partition the flash memory to make room for certain features. There’s actually a manual procedure for backing up and restoring your history and settings if you want to go through the effort to retain your data.

Change Log

  •  GPS Signal reception has been increased\improved
  •  Improved Quick info Screen (hold Up button)
  •  Improved font/spacing on Lap Alert and Multisport Session Alert
  •  User interface improvements were made to configuring Activity Data Screens
  •  Consolidated ANT+ Sensor and ANT+preferences under one screen making them more easily accessible under settings
  •  When current Activity Type is Swim, device will not search for or connect to Heart Rate monitor
  •  Improved the order of activity totals displayed in Activity Totals Screen
  •  Grade measurement no longer shows negative sign when value is 0%
  •  After saving an activity, the device will now automatically transition directly to the Activity History Screen
  •  Corrected min max values in Speed/Pace Alerts Preferences Screen
  •  Corrected editing feature in multi-sport activity menu and improved scrolling in Multisport Activity Screens
  •  Improved Activity Readiness Status Popup to be consistent with other Popups and Alerts
3 Comments Post a comment
  1. Nov 30 2012

    Yay! Switch Up update!

  2. Dan
    Dec 4 2012

    So when are we going to see custom workouts?

  3. Jess
    Dec 10 2012

    I personally would like to be able to add current time to the options when configuring my activities… I’m aware of pressing the ‘up’ arrow to get this info, but would like to permanently set it with the other info I want.


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