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November 29, 2012


How to use Auto Lap

by mikemaxson

The Auto Lap feature is an easy way to create laps during an activity. Auto Laps are exactly as they sound,  ‘Automatic laps occurring at predetermined distance, time, or location.’  They are 100% configurable, you can lap-by-location, time or distance. The most common Auto Lap is every mile. It’s encouraging to know you’ve ticked off another mile, and helpful to see your mile splits.

When an Auto Lap is triggered, Switch beeps, vibrates, and displays the lap time and distance. (Vibrate alerts are only available on Switch Up) Here’s an example of a really short lap:

Set Up

Although some Activity Profiles, like Running, have Auto Lap enabled by default, the lap preference for each Activity Profile can be customized. Follow these steps to set your lap preference:

1. Press and hold the Down Button
2. Select Settings
3. Select Activity Profile
4. Select All Profiles
5. Select the Activity Profile to be updated 
6. Scroll down and select Recording Prefs
7. Ensure Auto lap is enabled. Select Auto Lap and press the Enter button to check the box
8. Set the trigger method of the lap. Choose Distance, Time, or Location
9. Modify the options that appear below to complete your lap preference
10. When complete, press and hold the Down Button and select Activity

The Lap preference has been completed for that Activity Profile. If you need to modify another Activity Profile, press Back instead of going back into Activity Mode. Remember to use the Activity Profile corresponding to your lap preferences. You can check whether or not you’re using the correct profile by holding the Up and Down Buttons at the same time. A popup will appear to indicate the active Activity Profile.

Auto Lap is a great way to track progress in segments rather than mining large chunks of data. Next time you’re on a run, ride, or roll, let Auto Lap do the work for you.

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  1. Miguel Blanco Arias
    Oct 28 2016

    Hello, could you explain the meaning and set up of location auto lap?

    I think that it is an interesting feature, but I do not understant how to set up and use it.


    Miguel Blanco


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