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Magellan Switch Series Device Software Update 1 Released


Magellan Switch Series Device Software Update 1 has been released.

To install the update, perform the following steps.

  1. Connect your Switch Series device to your computer’s USB port using the Switch Charging/Data Cradle.
  2. Visit the Magellan Active website and log in.
  3. Click on the Upload button.
  4. If your device is not using the latest software, a banner will display instructing you to update your software.
  5. Perform the steps to download and install the update.

If you have any issues updating your device software using Magellan Active, you can manually download and install the update directly from our support site.


This is the first device software update for the Magellan Switch Series. It has actually been well tested by our internal and external testers for quite some time, but we’ve been working out kinks with the implementation of our delivery mechanism. Now that we have released our first update, we will be releasing them on a more frequent basis. This update will unfortunately clear your history and settings because we have to re-partition the flash memory to make room for certain features. There’s actually a manual procedure for backing up and restoring your history and settings if you want to go through the effort to retain your data.

Change Log

  •  GPS Signal reception has been increased\improved
  •  Improved Quick info Screen (hold Up button)
  •  Improved font/spacing on Lap Alert and Multisport Session Alert
  •  User interface improvements were made to configuring Activity Data Screens
  •  Consolidated ANT+ Sensor and ANT+preferences under one screen making them more easily accessible under settings
  •  When current Activity Type is Swim, device will not search for or connect to Heart Rate monitor
  •  Improved the order of activity totals displayed in Activity Totals Screen
  •  Grade measurement no longer shows negative sign when value is 0%
  •  After saving an activity, the device will now automatically transition directly to the Activity History Screen
  •  Corrected min max values in Speed/Pace Alerts Preferences Screen
  •  Corrected editing feature in multi-sport activity menu and improved scrolling in Multisport Activity Screens
  •  Improved Activity Readiness Status Popup to be consistent with other Popups and Alerts

How to use Auto Lap

The Auto Lap feature is an easy way to create laps during an activity. Auto Laps are exactly as they sound,  ‘Automatic laps occurring at predetermined distance, time, or location.’  They are 100% configurable, you can lap-by-location, time or distance. The most common Auto Lap is every mile. It’s encouraging to know you’ve ticked off another mile, and helpful to see your mile splits.

When an Auto Lap is triggered, Switch beeps, vibrates, and displays the lap time and distance. (Vibrate alerts are only available on Switch Up) Here’s an example of a really short lap:

Set Up

Although some Activity Profiles, like Running, have Auto Lap enabled by default, the lap preference for each Activity Profile can be customized. Follow these steps to set your lap preference:

1. Press and hold the Down Button
2. Select Settings
3. Select Activity Profile
4. Select All Profiles
5. Select the Activity Profile to be updated 
6. Scroll down and select Recording Prefs
7. Ensure Auto lap is enabled. Select Auto Lap and press the Enter button to check the box
8. Set the trigger method of the lap. Choose Distance, Time, or Location
9. Modify the options that appear below to complete your lap preference
10. When complete, press and hold the Down Button and select Activity

The Lap preference has been completed for that Activity Profile. If you need to modify another Activity Profile, press Back instead of going back into Activity Mode. Remember to use the Activity Profile corresponding to your lap preferences. You can check whether or not you’re using the correct profile by holding the Up and Down Buttons at the same time. A popup will appear to indicate the active Activity Profile.

Auto Lap is a great way to track progress in segments rather than mining large chunks of data. Next time you’re on a run, ride, or roll, let Auto Lap do the work for you.


Magellan Active Website Version 1.4 Released


Magellan Active Website Version 1.4 has been released.


Once again, more fixes and improvements for delivering device software updates for the Magellan Switch & Switch Up. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again, expect a device software update very soon.

This update also resolves an issue with a really neat feature for sharing part of your activity, such as a session within a multisport activity (swim, transition, bike, or run) or a lap within an activity. Drill down into the session within the multisport activity, a lap within an activity, or even a lap within a session within a multisport activity. If you copy and share the URL, anyone accessing the URL (assuming the activity is public) will be directed to the session or lap within the activity instead of the activity summary. This makes it easier to direct the individual you are sharing the activity with to the session or lap you are interested in sharing.

Give it a try and check out my opening mile on the run portion of the 2012 Folsom Olympic Triathlon!

Change Log

  •  Various bug fixes and improvements with the Switch & Switch Up Device Software Update feature
  •  Title of Magellan North American Page is incorrect.
  •  Restful URLs for Sessions and Laps within an Activity are not working
  •  Speed-Pace Toggle should be removed from Multisport Activity Summary
  •  The View Activities link after uploading activities does not show up if at least one activity was not uploaded.
  •  Incorrect link to existing activities uploaded using Web Widget

Magellan Active API Version 1.3 Released


Magellan Active API Version 1.3 has been released.


This update actually just fixes an issue with the private method for adding an activity to a user’s account. We are not ready to make this a public method at this time.

Change Log

  •  Incorrect server response using method Add Activity for activities that already exist

Magellan Active Website Version 1.3 Released


Magellan Active Website Version 1.3 has been released.


We made a number of bug fixes as well as a few usability improvements, with the most important updates focused on the device software update feature for Switch & Switch Up, so expect a device software update for Switch & Switch Up very soon.

We’ve also added two of the most requested features, adding hyperlinks to the individual activity pages of your uploaded activities and setting the default speed/pace preference to pace for all activities other than bike.

Change Log

  •  Various bug fixes with the Switch & Switch Up Device Software Update feature
  •  Start Date and potentially End Date of Activity is 1 day ahead for certain Activities
  •  Vertical Speed should always be Speed regardless of Speed vs. Pace Preference
  •  Avg Speed-Pace should not exist on the Activity Page for Multisport Activities
  •  Various spelling and grammar corrections
  •  UTC no longer shown in Uploaded Timestamp
  •  Facebook Like Pop-up window offset too much to the right on Mac
  •  After uploading Activities using Web Widget (device or files), add links to each activity for directing the User to the page for that Activity
  •  After uploading Activities using Web Widget (device or files), add a link/button for directing the User to the Activities page
  •  Add Average Moving Speed & Average Elapsed Speed for Session Summary & Lap Summary under View All Stats on the Activity Page
  •  Set the Speed vs. Pace preference value for an activity and session based on Sport Type

Magellan Active API Version 1.2 Released


Magellan Active API Version 1.2 has been released.


We made a few updates to the API, most notably support for two new fields at the Session and Lap Objects, Average Moving Speed and Average Elapsed Speed. There was also a typo in the URL structure of the Auth Method for retrieving a user’s access token given their username and password.

Change Log

  •  Add Fields for Average Moving & Elapsed Speed for Session & Lap to the JSON & XML Response for Activity Get
  •  Speed-Pace should not exist at the Activity Object Level in the API
  •  URL Structure for User Access Token appears to be incorrect

XTERRA World Champ: Team Magellan Athlete Wins

Two weeks ago in tropical Maui, Hawaii more than 800 athletes from around the world including professionals and amateurs were at the start line for the annual XTERRA World Championship. This event is described as the world’s premier off-road triathlon, consisting of a 1-mile rough water swim, an 18.89-mile mountain bike and a 5.9 mile trail run. To get an idea, imagine running through tropical pineapple fields and forests- not to mention there was a tsunami warning the night before, so the ocean was pretty wild!

After 5 previous attempts at the race, Magellan athlete Oliver Shaw was ready to go and hoping to win an event he’s trained for all year. He trained using  Switch Up. “It’s really convenient that I’m able to use the same monitor for running, biking and swimming, and be able to use it as a watch and on my bike handlebars!” Oliver, better known as Olly, is a 20-year-old XTERRA and Half-Ironman amateur athlete and had a great start to the race. “Out onto the bike, I quickly found a rhythm and started picking people off…wasn’t long until I started passing a lot of the pros so that gave me a huge boost (we started around 2 minutes behind)!”

Olly had a really good 2nd half as he and another athlete in his age group, Graham Norman, broke away and were the first into transition for amateur racers. “Graham took off and I told myself to find a rhythm and to back my climbing on the run and technical downhill skills.” Sure enough, Graham started slowly pulling back, and Olly was able to pull ahead.
Since Olly knew he was in the lead, the last 5k were intense, “I kept within myself, and kept thinking about nutrition and hydration.”

Olly won his age group and placed 2nd amateur overall. Despite still being an amateur, his race time would’ve put him in the top 25 of the Pro athlete’s race. “Running down the finish chute was amazing and I will never forget it!”

With a final time of 2:42:49 and leaving this time as a World Champ, Olly can now relax and look forward to the next race. Congratulations from all of us at Magellan, Olly!