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October 2, 2012

Magellan Active Website Version 1.1 Released

by apelosi


Magellan Active Website Version 1.1 has been released.


The focus of this release was almost entirely on the Upload Web Widget. It’s now capable of handling device software updates for Switch & Switch Up. Yes, that means a device software update for Switch & Switch Up will be available shortly. When it’s is available, you’ll see the below message, “A software update is available for your device.”

Stay tuned. We’ll create another post when it’s available.

Change Log

  •  User prompted to download browser plugin for the Upload Web Widget when browser plugin is already installed.
  •  Can’t manually upload file because “Choose Files” icon automatically changes to “Select activities to upload” text before user clicks “Choose Files”.
  •  Bug with automatic line wrapping of user warning and change log fields on device software update screen in the Upload Web Widget.
  •  Same warning message needs to apply to both Switch and Switch Up when the device software update will clear user data.
  •  Remove “Download satellite data to device” option from the Upload Web Widget since we are not going to support SGEE (server generated extended ephemeris data) on Switch & Switch Up.
  •  After uninstalling the browser plugin, the Upload Web Widget is completely empty.
  •  Error generated on Switch & Switch Up devices when installing software updates from Upload Web Widget.
  •  Add support for downgrading device software as part of the device software update process just in case we need to revert.
  •  Improve the software update message on the Device Activities Screen in the Upload Web Widget.
  •  Support for html tags in user warning and change log fields on device software update screen in the Upload Web Widget.
  • Update links for Australia and New Zealand on Start Page.

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