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October 2, 2012

Mack’s Ironman – A Complete Picture

by katiejohnsen

We all know that actions speak louder than words—here’s a story about Mack, a Magellan customer that trained and finished a half-Ironman with Switch.

A few months ago, Mack was training for Timberman, a 70.3 triathlon. After doing some research, he purchased Switch Up. One feature that interested him was Multisport Mode. This feature allows you to record multiple activities as a single event. Multisport Mode is extremely flexible. Whether you’re doing a duathlon, triathlon  or adventure race, you can configure activities in any order, with or without transitions. This feature resonated with Mack, “The ability to record swimming, cycling and running was extremely important and the multisport mode option was a very interesting and attractive feature.”

When looking at Mack’s race on Magellan Active, you’ll see a complete picture of his race from start-to-finish. Magellan Active is the first website to show an entire event in a single view. While this may not seem like a big deal, it’s a nice convenience for multisport athletes. No more spreadsheets, True Multisport does the math. You can see the distance and duration for the total event and each activity.

After successfully completing 70.3 miles, with a medal to show for it, Mack is already thinking about his next race. “Now that I have completed the 70.3, I am planning on continuing to use Switch for my future training, as soon as I finish recovering,”said Mack.

Thanks for the note Mack, and good luck!!

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